If you start Deplin you’ll see something like this:

Getting a tree


If you don’t have an XML dependency tree yet, you might want to create one using the arborator.


You can open it by clicking on the edit button

The arborator is opening and can create a dependency tree..

Please refer to the documentation at

http://wwwtalana.linguist.jussieu.fr/~kim/arborator/documentation.html for details

Equally you can use any editor and dig into the provided XML files example files.


Once you have something like this

You can open it in Deplin:



You can equally edit the tree inside Deplin now:

Refer in particular to the context menu (right click)

Creating a grammar


Now you need to linearize this tree, i.e. to find the corresponding topological tree(s).


If you don’t have a grammar yet, create a new one:

Something like this should open:

First, create the fields of your grammar by clicking on the new button:

To change the name of the field double click on the appearing proposed name and change it.

Don’t forget the initial field and indicate how many constituents the field can or must accommodate:

Now create your first domain:

Give it a name, an abbreviation (that’s what will appear in the topological tree) and a permeability value (any integer)


Select the field you want to add

And click on

Repeat this until your domain is complete.

Now you can enter your box creation rule in the “box creation” tab (or can you equally continue with the correspondence rules)


             Bug: deplinrules: only save as quand on a une nouvelle grammaire…